Verse of the Day

This God--his way is perfect; the word of the LORD proves true; he is a shield for all those who take refuge in him. (2 Samuel 22:31, ESV)

Lay Schedule (Ushers, Readers, Chalice Bearers, Altar Guild and Acolytes)

Click here for the Serving Schedule for November and December

Click here for the 10 am Acolyte Servers schedule

A few reminders 

  • If you are unable to read on your assigned day, please get a replacement.

  • Please call the office with the name of the replacement.

  • At the 8:00 service the reader reads the First Reading, the Psalm, and the Second Reading.

  • At the 10:00 service, the first reader listed reads the First Reading and the Psalm; the second reader listed reads the Second Reading and Prayers of the People.

  • When serving the chalice, the intinct chalice bearer follows the Priest, with the second chalice bearer following directly behind the first, along the altar rail. This way, communicants don’t have to wait for the chalice or indicate that they want the other chalice.

  • Please prepare your lesson and/or psalm reading ahead of time. The lessons and readings for the upcoming Sunday may be found on this website; click on Lessons and Readings, over in the right column, to read and download them.¬† If you would prefer, you may call the office on Thurs. or Fri. morning, and Kerry will be able to tell you what the readings are. If you have to purchase a New Revised Standard Version of the Bible or a Book of Common Prayer in order to prepare, please go to and order one online, or you can call Church Publishing (1-800-242-2918) to order one.

  • Due to the sensitivity of some of our parishioners and the close quarters in the sanctuary, we ask that you refrain from wearing after-shave, cologne, or perfume when you are serving in the Altar. Thank you in advance for your consideration.